Roulette Ultimate VIP

Roulette Ultimate VIP

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club EASIT

A successful expansion of Roulette Ultimate for VIP players

Surely, you know how it goes. Once a movie gets a sequel, it seems there’s a dip in quality. The first one is always the best, or not? Well, Roulette Ultimate VIP is an absolute counterexample to this claim. Already the initial release charmed us with its graphical and software quality, and we liked the sequel even more. So, what’s the biggest difference between Roulette Ultimate VIP and the original? The amount you can bet. While the base game allowed a maximum bet of 50 EUR, the VIP version supports bets of up to 5000 EUR (can be different by country/casino).

Roulette Ultimate VIP is based on standard international rules for the game. Its 3D graphics and visuals will immediately evoke the feeling of sitting at a table of a real casino. The whole game is accompanied by pleasant relaxing music featuring piano, guitar, and percussion instruments. But if you grow bored of it, you can turn the music off in the settings located in the right corner of the top toolbar.

Comfortable gameplay above all

Just like in the base game, here too the developer EASIT made sure to maximize the player’s comfort at the table. An “expert mode” is available that will greatly simplify the task of placing bets. In the “special” category, you can choose from among several variants, such as Red Splits (all pairs of red numbers which share a border), Black Splits (all pairs of black numbers which share a border), Finale en Plein X (numbers which end with the digit listed in the name) and many others.

The game also includes a racetrack which displays the placement of individual numbers on the roulette. The statistics in the upper left corner will show you all the important information you might need, including detailed statistics about your gameplay. You will have access to the ratio of red and black winning numbers, even and odd winning numbers (in percentage points) and so forth. You’ll also see what are the TOP and latest winning numbers.

One great advantage of Roulette Ultimate VIP is that you can save the board with your bets for later use. In fact, you can have up to 6 such boards saved at one time. To do so, simply place the bets in the desired way, and in the extended mode then click on favorite bets followed by save layout. When you want to place new bets, you can then choose between your saved boards.

You can also spin the VIP roulette for free

This is an excellent and well done follow-up to the original roulette game, one that you should definitely not miss. And if you’re used to much higher bets, Roulette Ultimate VIP is the ideal choice for you. In any case, there’s nothing wrong with trying it for free first. You might also want to have a look at the tips and tricks for winning in roulette – they’ll help you get the maximum out of the game.

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