European Roulette Announced Bets

European Roulette Announced Bets

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Tom Horn

We like simple casino games. We like games that look good, games that give us enough information, and most of all games that are really good to play. European Roulette Announced Bets by Tom Horn meets all these parameters. And we have no problem writing right at the beginning of this review that we had a really good time with it and we will gladly recommend it to anyone who asks us what roulette to try for free.

Surprise from Tom Horn

Tom Horn usually presents themselves as a developer of online slot machines. That's why we didn't expect too much from their roulette. We just took it as a portfolio filler. As something they only have on offer “because they are supposed to”. We realized our mistake quite early.

Actually, as soon as we turned on European Roulette – Announced Bets in the casino, we saw that although the roulette game is quite simply designed, everything has its purpose, its place, and works as it should. Positive impressions also came from the European rules of the game, but we kind of expected that, since it's in the title and we're astute reviewers...

The gameplay itself could be a little faster, but there's a Turbo Play feature in the settings that can speed things up.

Playing roulette is enjoyable in this game

Our very positive impressions didn't dissipate even after we took out our chips and made our first bets. There are plenty of those, by the way, and nothing special is missing here. We appreciate that the table includes a racetrack. There are roulettes where they still don't have it.

Playing European Roulette Announced Bets is simple, you choose your bet amount by selecting a chip and placing it on one of the outside or inside bets on the playing field. The basic field is in the middle of the screen, right above it is the aforementioned racetrack, and not in an idi-bidi version either but nicely in normal size. You can bet on both areas quickly and from the comfort of the main screen.

The game round itself isn't exactly the shortest, but it isn't one of the longest either. However, as we've already mentioned, just go into the settings and turn on Turbo mode. However, there is much more to choose from in the settings. You can customize the game quite well here, so a visit to the settings every now and then is highly recommended.

Statistics are also available next to the settings. All you see is the result of the last 7 spins. Without having to click somewhere. You can click if you are looking for inspiration. In the statistics section, you can see which numbers are hot and which are cold. You can bet on them immediately. Either by clicking individually or by selecting Bet on all cold or Bet on all hot. It's practical.

Then all that's left to do is to turn the roulette wheel, but before that, we'd like to mention an element that is not a standard part of roulettes. Autoplay. Yes, we all know it and love to use it in online slot machines. However, it can also be used in roulette. It works on a similar principle to the automatic one. First, you choose the bet amount and bet placement, and then you select the number of spins to be automatically spun. In each such spin, your last bet setup is taken into account. Simple, practical, and someone might actually use it.

Try European Roulette Announced Bets for free

European Roulette Announced Bets will surprise you with its simplicity, yet sophisticated and enjoyable details. It's been a really long time since we've come across a roulette game that didn't feel like someone had kind of hacked it just to make it look and work somehow. Everything is in tune here, and we felt so comfortable playing the game that we've been playing it outside of reviewing it.

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