Roulette Ultimate

Roulette Ultimate

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club EASIT
Author EASIT
Game type Casino table game
Aspect ratio 4:3
Win ratio 97,3%
Target audience Desktop players
Other properties of the game Expert mode - special bets, racetrack, game statistics, favorite bets

The graphics and software of today’s virtual casinos are so good that when playing you’ll feel like in a real casino. And the same applies to playing Roulette Ultimate by EASIT.

The simplest game experience

Roulette Ultimate is a roulette game that offers exquisite 3D graphics for the whole displayed gaming table. This feature is similar to that of Premium European Roulette, which we already reviewed previously.

Roulette Ultimate is an online table game with standard European rules, meaning that there’s a single zero on the table (see also the differences between various roulette versions). Developers strove to incorporate elements into this game that make sure the player doesn’t need to waste their time clicking on various bet options, instead allowing players to enjoy the game experience, atmosphere and tension.

While playing, players can switch to an Expert mode (in the information panel on the bottom left) that offers special bets – Red Splits (all pairs of red numbers with a shared border), Black Splits (all pairs of black numbers with a shared border), Finale en Plein X (all numbers which end with the number specified in the name). This panel also allows you to store your favorite bets and reuse them in subsequent rounds.

Another attractive element on the table is the Racetrack, which illustrates the placement of all numbers in the same way as they appear on the roulette wheel. Here, too, you can make use of special bets such as Voisins, Olphelins and Tiers (see our Roulette termbase). After clicking on the statistics icon in the top left corner, the wheel will display previous winning numbers and/or the ratio (i.e., share) of the winning categories (red/black, even/odd).

A few minor drawbacks

One thing we missed was a pleasant female voice that would comment on the game, but on the other hand the male’s voice was also fine. The game works perfectly on the desktop, it’s truly great. But we do consider it a pity that there is no mobile version of the game, and so you can’t enjoy it on your mobile devices.

VIP version for those who are interested

The maximum deposit in Roulette Ultimate is € 50.00 (however, this number may differ from casino to casino) If you feel that it is too low, you can join a Roulette Ultimate VIP online table which is designed to accept even higher deposits.

Roulette Ultimate is also available for free, and don’t forget about the bonuses

Our opinion of this online casino game is clearly positive. As soon as you take a seat at its table and the roulette starts spinning, you’ll certainly see why. And you can try it out even for free, even though playing with real money is best. Don’t forget to also make use of all the casino bonuses for new players or loyalty bonuses for existing ones.

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