European Roulette

European Roulette

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Red Tiger mainly focuses on developing online slot machines but there are a few roulette games and some card games in its portfolio. After our reviews of slots from Red Tiger, we were curious how Red Tiger dealt with the roulette. Because making a good online roulette game isn't an easy task. And so to see if they managed to create a play-worthy piece, we tried their European Roulette.

A European roulette that spins the right way

The name could not have been a bigger cliché, but that didn’t put us off. Curiosity didn’t leave us. Red Tiger did their job very well. As soon as we turned the game on, we were pleased that everything is on one screen. We value that the authors tried to cram everything in so that one doesn’t have to click through to the popular options. Red Tiger managed to put the wheel, playing field and also a fairly large racetrack all on the screen. In order to fit everything on the monitor, they've shrunk the roulette wheel a bit. It doesn’t cause any issues with clarity.

A small change compared to tradition is that the menu with the current bet, balance, and win is in the upper part of the screen. It didn’t take us long to get used to it. The controls are placed at the bottom and we really liked their uncomplicated design. European Roulette from Red Tiger isn't trying to pretend to be a mega-complex roulette application. Quite the contrary, the authors were trying to make it as simple as possible. They managed to do that without compromising fun, for which we take our imaginary hats off.

European name, European rules

In terms of the rules, the name of the European Roulette talks a lot about which roulette version you are dealing with (see differences of various roulette versions). One zero and 37 numbers on the wheel. What surprised us with the individual language versions, were the translated labels of the playing table. On the one hand, we welcome that. But the translation of established expressions (for example the term ORPHELINS on the racetrack), to be honest, we haven't gotten used to that throughout the entire game. We don't consider that a mistake, but certainly unusual. Less experienced players won’t mind.

We wrote about it before that this is a simple game and despite that, statistics are present. They aren't as complex as in other roulette applications. But they will serve their purpose well and if you give in to probability and mathematical statistics, they will certainly help you when playing.

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Red Tiger definitely didn't shame themselves with the European Roulette game. Professionals will probably prefer more complex games from the competition but if you are a beginner you will have great fun. We would recommend European Roulette mainly to beginners. You can see for yourself that simplicity = fun. You can try this game and practically any other roulette game for free on the web and for as long as you want.

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