10 rules for not losing in roulette

10 rules for not losing in roulette

2018-10-21 00:00:00 - Braňo "Ace"

Roulette is a gambling game. This inherently means that wrong decisions or bad luck can quickly move your balance down to zero.

It is especially the beginners and players who came to the casino only “seeking a quick thrill” who often fall victim to the magically spinning wheel. The reasons vary. They might not have an understanding of roulette and its rules, they might not know of all the options for placing bets, or perhaps they simply drank too much, want to get a few quick games off and stop thinking about other stuff, or maybe they just got really unlucky.

But regardless of the reasons for losing, there is no reason for you to follow in their footsteps. It’s not necessarily true that you must always lose in roulette. Of course, we won’t claim that every spin of the wheel will bring you a win, but one doesn’t need to always go home with an empty wallet.

In fact, we have played roulette online for a long time and regularly, and our accounts were never negatively impacted by this. We created ten rules which we follow and 100% trust. These aren’t any kind of "guaranteed" tips and tricks for winning in roulette. Rather, it’s a set of time-tested player’s tips which, if followed, will ensure you stay entertained without ending up with an empty wallet.

Don’t panic

Leave panic at home. It’s a bad companion at the table. That’s always true - even if you lose a bet worth a whole lot of money. Keeping a cool head is perhaps the most important thing. Don’t let others see that you’ve lost your cool. The ability to keep a cool head and think logically is very important, both in the game and in life. Try to learn it.

Play logically

Logic works everywhere, including in roulette. Follow the statistics and try to use them to your advantage. If there is a sequence of multiple black winning numbers, there’s a chance that the next might be a red one. Think about which bets are advantageous for you and when it’s a good idea to take a risk.

If you use a roulette system, then follow it to the end

There’s a wealth of information available on roulette systems. Some place complete trust in them, while others despite them. But once you start using a roulette system in a game, stick to it until the end. Otherwise you’re virtually guaranteed to lose your money.

A sufficient bank roll

It is a grave mistake to start playing roulette without a sufficient bank roll. You should always have enough money available, because regardless of whether you believe in luck, fate or God, the statistics won’t care. And statistically, there will be a series of losses sooner or later. To survive that, you need to have enough money to keep betting after it comes and goes. The general recommendation is that if you want to bet 1 chip in 1 round, then your bank roll should contain at least 200 chips.

Choose the right roulette

Roulette is a casino game without a significant house edge. But be careful not to play a version of roulette which has a higher house edge. For instance, American roulette has two zeroes, which comes with an increased house edge. So we don’t see any reason to recommend playing that variant. On the other hand, the French and European variants have only a single zero. All in all, go for the variants with a lower house edge. You may also want to read about the differences between various versions of roulette.

Discipline and setting up your limits

Discipline is of central importance when playing. Don’t let emotions get the better of you. If you lose, don’t try to win everything back immediately; if you manage to get a nice win, don’t start immediately throwing money away in large risky bets. Instead, keep your feet on the ground and have a pre-set limit after which you’ll stop playing. This holds for winning as well as losing. And never break your limits.

Only play in trusted casinos

We thought that this rule is obvious and doesn’t need to be repeated. But after speaking with numerous players, we saw that it actually does. Only play in trusted and licensed casinos. Don’t blindly go after miraculous bonuses and suspicious offers. A license is a sufficient guarantee that your deposits won’t disappear and you’ll even get large winnings back. In addition, licensed casinos also offer truly beautiful casino bonuses.

Try it for free first

If you’re a newcomer or want to try out a new online roulette game, then there’s no reason why your first games should cost your money. The internet offers the possibility of trying out all roulette games completely for free, for an unlimited period of time. Read the rules, discover how the game works, and only after that start playing for real and with real money. After all, better safe than sorry.

Educate yourselves

Quite a surprise, or not? A suggestion that you should educate yourselves just to play a game. And yet, that’s precisely what you should do. Roulette games are gradually being developed, changed and refined - and even if some are not, it is certainly helpful to know precisely how the game works, how to start, continue and end. You’ll find a huge community of people who give each other advice and try out new things online. Take part in it and keep learning. It will also help you.

Remember that it's a game

Never forget that roulette is a game, and that the outcome of a game more or less depends on your luck. There’s no guaranteed way to win! And lady luck is a capricious one; sometimes you need to get through even fairly long periods without a win. But in that case your luck will surely change sooner or later, there’s no reason to be stressed out. Never jump to conclusions too quickly. Stay calm and keep in mind that it’s all going to be ok.

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