Roulette Diamonds VIP

Roulette Diamonds VIP

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club EASIT
Game type Table casino game
Aspect ratio 16:9
Game targeting Experienced players
Game features Expert mode - special bets, racetrack, game stats, hot and cold numbers, favorite bets

You’ll find a lot of roulette games in online casinos and so it’s no problem to select the one you enjoy playing and steel a bit of time for yourself. Safe to say that there aren't significant differences in the gameplay in the vast majority of the online roulette games. Let’s face it, the roulette is a very conservative game so there’s not much to be thought about. But still, there are exceptions such as the entertaining game of Spingo, 90% of roulette games are one like the other.

We’re not going to say that it’s significantly different than the competition. But if you like good visuals and casino game level then you should at least try it. It’s a quality piece.

We like casino games which developers have tried to processed in a better way than the others and which is why we enjoyed the Roulette Diamonds VIP. By the way, this roulette has two versions – with the VIP epithet and without it. They especially differ in the sums that you may bet. During the VIP version, you can bet as much as € 5,000 (unless the maximum bet is limited by a local regulation) during the classic version, the maximum is € 50. Besides that, the differences are subtle and aesthetic (for example, the color of the table).

Roulette Diamonds VIP is a classic which is well played

When playing the Roulette Diamonds VIP, there aren’t any big surprises. This is a classical roulette game with the standard European rules. In the upper part of the gaming screen is the roulette wheel and in the lower part is the game deck where the bets are placed.

You can place your bet by clicking on the chip with the desired value of the sum you wish to bet. Then you simply place the chip on the game deck. Roulette Diamonds VIP will offer you all the standard roulette bets + additional special bets which you can activate by a single click on the Expert mode button. After activating this mode, you also have the option to save your favorite bets which will also simplify and speed up the game.

We were also pleased that part of the table is also roulette bets and the favorite Racetrack. Those add additional betting options such as, for example, bets on so-called neighboring numbers.

We often used the rich options of stats, especially, when playing any of the strategies. Right on the screen, the last 9 spun numbers are displayed. If you, however, want more detailed statistics, you can find them under the graph icon in the left upper corner. Anyone who likes analyzing things will feel right at home. You can find the played games in the current round, most frequently spun numbers or the share of the individual categories on the winnings. You can truly spend a lot of time here.

Verified quality from Synot, also available for free

Just like it usually is with games from Synot, everything is packed in very nice visuals and we don't have anything to reproach regarding the visuals or the sounds. Maybe we just missed the casino sounds during the music but that’s just very subjective. Someone might like silence.

We generally rate the Roulette Diamonds VIP as a very well-made online casino game. You can also try it in a free mode. This gives you a chance to try your favorite roulette strategies in practice to see how they work and there’s nothing stopping you from taking them to the real-money game. Hopefully, you’ll be just as successful. We wish you good luck.

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