Diamond Bet Roulette

Diamond Bet Roulette

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The developers of roulette, as well as card games, know very well that a classical roulette, even though well-processed, can no longer attract too many people these days. Competition is strong and the games are cookie-cut. That's why everyone tries to differentiate how they can and Playtech is no exception. This time we will look at their work Diamond Bet Roulette, which combines all the good from classic roulette but is trying to come up with novelties. Is it worth it?

A diamond that changes the rules of the game

Diamond Bet Roulette is made in a similar way to the Spread-Bet Roulette we wrote about recently. It is based on the traditional concept of the European roulette table but adds some interesting side bets and options for winning.

The main attraction that gave it its name is the diamond field. This appears as another field on the roulette wheel and thus on the play area where you can find it next to zero. If you place your bet on this field, you have a chance to get up to 100-times your bet. The principle of diamond betting is that the roulette wheel, in addition to the classic numbers, also contains several other multiplication fields. Although the multiplier is also triggered by spinning the wheel, it is independent of the roulette ball and draws separately. The smallest possible multiplier you can get is 15-times, the highest is the Jackpot and it has the value of the already mentioned 100-times your bet.

Well-made template

Playtech Roulette games are all based on the same table template. If you've tried one of them at least once, you'll know what to do with the others.

The chips for betting are on the left side of the table; there's a wheel in the middle of the top and below is the playing area where you keep your chips. To the right are the controls with which you place your bets, repeat, and double them. Next to the wheel to the left is the detail of the spun number, and in the top right are the statistics of the last rounds. The very popular racetrack isn’t missing. However, it is not directly on the screen, you have to click through its miniature on the table, and then it will be extended and will replace the previously displayed playing field.

Diamond Bet Roulette has its foundation in European roulette rules, but experienced players will very well calculate that by adding another field to the roulette wheel, the statistics and winnings of the whole game change. For many, this may be a significant constraint and a reason why they prefer other classic roulette games like European Roulette or Roulette Ultimate.

The game itself is intended for players who do not take the roulette too professionally and rather than pursue statistics and strategies, they want to have fun during the game. It's not that the statistics aren't here, but they’ve been simplified, and it will certainly not be enough for the professionals. The same definition applies to the number of bets.

Play Diamond Bet Roulette for free

Diamond Bet Roulette is a completely typical Playtech table game, if you like them, you won't regret having found it. However, if you like more action games, or you like to focus on statistics, you'll probably look elsewhere. Anyway, you could try the game. Give this roulette a chance and you may not look elsewhere.

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