Spread-Bet Roulette

Spread-Bet Roulette

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Although we consider Playtech as a more conservative casino gaming provider, they can sometimes surprise. Even where it doesn't normally happen, in this case in roulette. The Spread-Bet Roulette is a quality piece that adds interesting additional bets to the traditionally flawless Playtech performance. And a little freshness in the roulette offer of casinos is never a bad thing.

An innovation of side bets that will delight

What is that fresh wind in the sails? In addition to classic bets with a few not entirely normal bets. You do not only roll with the classic outer wheel in the game. It also contains a special inside wheel with other numbers. The combination of these two wheels and an optional multi-digit bet offers players up to seven different betting options with the possibility of winning up to 400-times their bet.

You can also double your bets on these new options thanks to the Green Win rule. This bonus feature means that if a ball stops on the main wheel at number 0, all the initial side bets will double.

Making an online game with confidence

The Playtech table and card games rarely stand out with their visuals. But that’s not all. We are not saying, that the game is ugly, it’s just easy to see that casino games have moved a bit farther after their arrival on the market. But we don't want you to think you can't look at it. It's totally cool, just some other modern roulette games have better graphics.

The basis of Spread-Bet roulette is European Roulette. Only one zero awaits you on the wheel, another 36 numbers and it is played according to the European rules of roulette. So a classic that you know well from other roulette games. If you prefer easier roulette games, without any complex controls, statistics, and quantities of additional bets, you will like the Spread-Bet roulette.

The layout of the playing table is taken from the standard template that Playtech uses for its roulette games. For example, if you play Premium European Roulette, you will actually play on the same table. On the left you have your chips, there is a wheel in the top-middle, below is the playing area where you place your bets, and to the right are buttons for placing, repeating, and doubling your bets. To the left of the wheel, you can see the details of the spun number and on the right of the statistics of the last rounds. The racetrack is not displayed on the game screen, it is necessary to click its miniature just above the game screen and it appears at the bottom of the screen. Playtech thus practically solved the issue of the individual game sections being too small on the screen.

Play the Spread-Bet Roulette in a casino

The Spread-Bet Roulette offers the opportunity to play a standard roulette with some good improvements. It would be a shame if you didn't at least try it because even if you strive for classics, it has something to offer you. If you’re hesitating, take advantage of the option, and play the Spread-Bet Roulette for free. Try to see if it interests you, and you can decide whether to continue.

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