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Online game Spingo for free
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Author: Microgaming
Game type: Casino table game
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Win ratio: 96,70%
Target audience: Beginners and fans of slot machines, bingo, and roulette
Other properties of the game: Special bets, statistics and a game graph, favorite bets

You’ll be saying to yourself, what kind a new clone is this! Bingo and roulette together in one game? Can it surprise and bring a special dose of adrenaline in a traditional classic? When we found Spingo, we have to admit that yes. A nicely made game environment with a 3D wheel, engaging music background, and effects of falling ping-pong balls will truly enchant you. What does the Spingo game offer?

Roulette and Bingo now that's Spingo

Spingo reminds roulette fans of their favorite game. However, it is combined with the random selection of numbers just in a game of Bingo. The game environment from the workshop of Microgaming is created by a unique 3D wheel with 25 colored boxes into which falls one of 21 balls designated with a number after spinning. The colored fields are in 4 colors. There are 8 yellow fields, 8 red fields and 8 blue fields and there is a single green field. Numbers from 1 to 10 are represented twice when betting with the added solo number 0.

Before the first bet, there are nicely designed buttons in the bottom section of the screen such as SPIN, CLEAR, UNDO, REDO and AUTOPLAY in which you can select up to 500 automatic spins with a selected bet. The game’s elegant design is added with the table of the last 10 spins – HISTORY and a brilliantly made statistics window in the right upper corner. The delightful musical background may be regulated in the settings panel in the OPTIONS menu.

Spin the wheel and win with Spingo

The game starts with the adding of any combination of 6 types of bets on the playing field and the spinning of the wheel with the SPIN button. If you’ve hit a winning field, the winnings will be credited based on the paytable on the left part of the screen. You can select from a roulette or number classic. Bets for low or high numbers, pair/not pair or color have a higher chance of winning but a lower profit for a successful bet. On the other hand with a lower probability of winning are the bets for the specific number 0, the green color or for a specific combination of a number and color. Each one of the mentioned types of bets has its payout rate and a minimum and maximum bet. They are clearly displayed in the paytable. What bet in the Spingo game appears to be the most valuable?

How not to lose at Spingo

As with any gambling game, even here the online casinos have a certain advantage against the players - an edge. The main difference from roulette is the fact that different bets have a different edge for the player / casino. There are, however, tricks and rules on how not to lose not only during roulette but also during the Spingo game. When we tried it and compared it with other online table games, we’ve found out two important facts. Most bets have an edge in favor of the casino of more than 4%. Although it's better than American roulette, it is worse compared to other table games. If you are playing a type of bet for a specific combination of a number and color, the casino has a similarly small edge as with other favorite table games such as, for example. Caribbean Stud Poker, or Three Card Poker – 2.48%.

Spingo does not rank among the most exciting online games in a casino. As part of roulette games, however, it feels interesting and you can relax when playing it. Don’t forget an important fact, though. Even if you can expect interesting differences from roulette when playing Spingo, it’s Return to Player (RTP) is a little lower than a simple game of French roulette at a ratio of 96.70% to 97.30%.

Play Spingo at an online casino for free

This untraditional form of fun is also available among the free roulette games. In terms of graphics and sounds, the high-quality alternative to roulette with the added bingo balls will surely engage you. We wish you lots of luck and fun with Spingo.

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