Virtual Roulette

Virtual Roulette

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Amusnet

Although the authors of the EGT games are best known for their online slots, they also have other casino games up their sleeve. For example, roulette, which you can now play here without any problems. True, more experienced players know that EGT is not one of the companies that take extreme pride in the visuals of their games. And so you'll have to approach Virtual Roulette with your eyes partly shut.

Virtual Roulette is a great roulette game for beginners

In our opinion, the target group of Virtual Roulette should be mainly beginners or players who can enjoy even primitive roulette graphics with basic special bets on the racetrack. The Online roulette game is made in a rather crude way, not only graphically, but also in terms of gameplay. Not that there is anything missing, on the contrary, there is also the often neglected Racetrack. Simply, apart from the basic functionality, Virtual Roulette doesn't offer much in the way of extras anymore. And the visuals? Like from the last century.

You don't have to be afraid of that. In Virtual Roulette, you'll find everything you need to make playing fun. It's played according to the European rules, so don't expect any French words or the American double zero. Your task, as everywhere else, will be to guess what will happen in the next few seconds and where the roulette ball will end up before the wheel starts spinning.

If you guess a place, color, or number directly, you will be credited with the appropriate multiple of your bet. If not, in just a few seconds you can do the same thing only with a better result.

EGT's unconventional retro gaming interface

The design of the Virtual Roulette table catches the eye at first glance. It's kind of missing something. Yes, the roulette wheel. It's not lost, it's just tucked away in miniature amongst the much more prominently crafted features of the board. However, after placing a bet and clicking on the spin button, the wheel will be displayed in full detail and large enough. We have to give the authors from EGT credit for an interesting solution, but it took us a while to get used to it.

Overall, the layout of the game components will take some time getting used to as well. For example, the betting chips are located on the top left, the spin button and betting controls are on the bottom right... It's just that EGT's Virtual Roulette is a little bit rough. After a few games, however, you'll get into it and nothing will disturb you anymore. You place your chips in the bet box at the bottom of the screen, or at the top of the screen where the aforementioned racetrack is located. We strongly recommend that you turn on the full-screen view of the roulette table, otherwise the individual fields, not to mention the chips, are quite hard to see.

Forget about any advanced or special bets, there is nothing like that. Statistics are not extremely well kept here either. All you see is the result of the last 8 spins. However, we assume that for the target group of this roulette machine it is quite sufficient.

Play the Virtual Roulette game at an online casino

EGT’s Virtual Roulette is the perfect companion for a game night when you don't want to deal with complicated mechanisms. If you fancy a few rounds of roulette sometime just before bedtime, this is the ideal choice. You can also find it in the online casino and if you are interested, play it for real money.

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