Roulette Platinum

Roulette Platinum

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club EASIT
Author: EASIT
Game type: Casino table game
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Target audience: Beginning players
Other properties of the game: Racetrack

In recent times, more players and roulette lovers have come to like virtual online casinos in which you can have the feeling of sitting in a real casino from the comfort of your home. Development companies are constantly outdoing themselves to make their products on the highest graphical and visual level. Today, it's not a problem to spin the roulette wheel anywhere and anytime. Many online roulettes can also be played on your mobile device. Such is the case with the Roulette Platinum casino game from the Czech company EASIT.

Roulette Platinum from a bird's eye view

Roulette Platinum is an online table game with standard European rules, meaning that there are 37 numbers including a zero (see also the differences between various roulette versions). The view of it is not in a 3D design which tends to evoke a real casino but despite the bird's eye view, it is rather interesting.

Simple bets, racetrack, although without an expert mode and statistics

In the left part of the screen is the roulette wheel and under it are the limits of individual bets. On the right of it is the playing field with numbers above which is the favorite racetrack. Thanks to it, the game is added with another betting options, such as the Voisins, Tiers and Orphelins bets (view the meanings in the dictionary of roulette terms). What made us a bit sad is the absence of additional bets in the Expert mode.

There are 7 winning categories in the Roulette Platinum:

  • Even Chance (red/black, odds/evens, low/high) – winnings in a ratio of 1:1
  • Collone (dozens and columns) – 2:1
  • Six Line (six consecutive numbers in two horizontal lines) – 5:1
  • Corner (four numbers creating a square) – winnings at a ratio of 8:1
  • Street (three numbers in a single line) – 11:1
  • Split (two neighboring numbers) – 17:1
  • Straight Up (one specific number) – 35:1

If you like analyzing the game, we have to also let you down. The Roulette Platinum online casino game doesn't have any specific and detailed statistics such as those in the Roulette Diamonds VIP. In the upper left part of the screen, you only see the history of spun numbers.

As part of the game settings, it is possible to select the roulette’s language or the color of the playing field. An interesting function of this roulette is the sped-up animation - stopping the ball on the wheel. With the same button with which you start the game, you can stop the spinning itself. Also not missing are functions with which you simplify placing bets - clear playing field (the X icon), repeat bet (the arrow up icon), or repeat the last bet with a double bet (the arrow up/2x icon).

Roulette Platinum is also for free

If we were supposed to determine at what players the Roulette Platinum is aimed at, we would lean towards newbies and beginner players. Therefore, if you are only starting with the roulette and don’t have a lot of experience with it, try out Roulette Platinum for free.

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