Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Microgaming

Are you missing a bit of roulette entertainment in your life? Then Premier Roulette Diamond Edition offers a truly enticing option for you. Microgaming used all of their extensive experience in the development of gambling casino games to create a game which is basically free of any weaknesses. So? Join in and spin the wheel.

You’ll see that our praise is well placed. After all, it’s virtually impossible to come up with something new in the area of roulette games. We’ve seen it all, and there are basically no innovative ideas left – especially when the aim is to closely follow the conservative rules of classical roulette.

The classic, with international rules

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition stays true to standard roulette rules and so it comes as no surprise that it offers the highly successful European version of the game, with a few terms mixed in from the French roulette. The developers call this the international roulette. But in the end it doesn’t matter.

The most important properties of a roulette game include the visuals and how easy they are to play. And Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is among the very best in the genre in both of these aspects. The visuals are very nice, the graphics are pleasing, and you’ll not find any distracting details anywhere. The layout of the table is fixed: roulette at the top, and the betting field is below it. But otherwise you’re free to customize whatever you want. If you don’t like the basic colors, you can choose from up to six preset colors for tables and game elements. Of course these are only basic cosmetic changes, but then again there’s no drawback to allowing a bit of customization. And we found it quite fun to try playing on a different looking table from time to time.

Regarding the bets, you’ll find everything that’s allowed by standard European roulette rules. However, we recommend switching to Expert mode right from the get go, since otherwise your betting options will be limited. Nevertheless, once you enter Expert mode you’ll see the table reveal all of its hidden secrets. This also includes the popular Racetrack, which expands the set of offered bets and furthermore significantly simplifies betting for instance on neighboring numbers.

The addition of bets is further simplified by another option included in Expert mode – Call bets. This simplifies the entry of groups of bets. Simply click on an item under CALL BETS to place your bet on the appropriate parts of the table.

And more experienced players will certainly also like the wide range of statistics available. While not everyone makes use of these, they do represent an important part of the game and in Premier Roulette Diamond Edition you’ll find that they offered a wide range of good data. Easy-to-read graphs will, for instance, also show you the statistics for individual types of bets, as well as the expected last winning numbers etc. And so, if you like numbers, you’ll find that this game offers hours of entertainment on that front.

Discover the secrets of roulette without risking your precious chips

If you want to try the game on your own and see that Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is truly a very good roulette game, take advantage of the possibility of playing the game for free, without risking your hard-earned money. Try it out – you won’t be disappointed.

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