Pinball roulette

Pinball roulette

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club NYX
Online game Pinball roulette for free
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Game type Arcade Slot; combination of slot machine and roulette
Aspect ratio 4:3
Min bet €0.10
Max bet €1000
Game features Bonus game – “gamble” feature

There are not many machines that combine multiple game types into one. Sure, there are exceptions out there, but those are... exceptions. That is why we appreciate Ash Gaming’s bold gamble on a combo like this. Let us take a closer look!

Roulette needs no introduction. So many have been entranced by the spinning wheel, and you probably cannot find a more popular game. But even spins of that wheel can become tiresome and boring over time, so innovations are important. One way of innovating is to combine roulette with another well-loved game – pinball.

As an idea, it is fine. Why just spin it when you can pin it? But the execution here is as awkward as that last sentence’s joke.

Let us start with the audiovisual side. Or rather, the visual. There is not much audio here. The background music is nonexistent, so you will have to make do with just the sounds of pinball. These are – well, imagine standing for hours next to a merry-go-round. You get tired of them, and it is better to play without sound and use your own background music.

The graphics hold up better. The pleasant, modern UI, with its simple, easy-to-remember menu, never holds you back. Everything important is on a single screen, and once you realize it is the classical European roulette, you are on a roll.

You choose a sum and a bet type and start playing. But instead of the typical drum and ball, you have got a pinball machine. A highly simplified one, of course. Forget about having to use flippers to keep the ball in play. You are just here to watch. You cannot even fire the ball. It is fun for a few games, but in time it starts to be more and more annoying. That is because the ball never stays in play for long, and you are just pushing it down with your eyes. All of this can be turned off in the menu of course – in that case you just bet and get the result. But then the whole game loses its point.

The bonus game is interesting. It works like this: when you win a bet, you don’t get your winnings immediately. You can choose to multiply them instead. How? Via pinball again. But here the table changes, bonuses are added, and you watch to see if the ball hits bonus spots. If it does, your winnings get a nice boost – even up to ten times. If it does not hit a single one, you lose your winnings.

And... that’s all. It repeats again and again. Nothing more. To summarize this stale game, we will use a stale phrase: not fish nor fowl. The idea is doubtlessly great; the execution limps behind it a little, and you can see how what looks great on paper isn’t guaranteed to work in practice. But we are sure Pinball Roulette will find its fans, and they will enjoy it. May Lady Luck roll your way.

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