Expert Roulette

Expert Roulette

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club IGT
Online game Expert Roulette for free
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Game type Table casino game
Aspect ratio 4:3
Game targeting New and advanced players
Game features Hot and Cold numbers, racetrack, game statistics, favourite bets, autoplay

The vast range of casino games nowadays offer a high number of roulette games. But if you want to play a game which does not simplify the rules too much and offers a variable experience suitable for beginners and experts alike, well, those are not so easy to find.

Expert Roulette – a game for the small and the big alike

Expert roulette by IGT (International Game Technology) is currently a one-of-a-kind game. Nowadays the trend is to simplify games and target them at a specific group. But IGT has a different approach. Expert Roulette is offered in its "uncontrolled" form; it is basically a complex roulette simulator. Big players will be happy to know that the range of offered bets is truly huge.

Graphics – purpose-driven visuals

Everything is presented in a pleasant audiovisual style. Even though Expert Roulette may seem visually very basic at first, looks are deceptive. It is not ugly, not at all. But it focuses on what is truly important, i.e. on the game itself.

Graphics are minimalistic, but purposeful. The left side of the screen contains a roulette wheel and racetrack. The right side contains a place for your bets and your chips. The bottom of the screen is reserved for settings, betting history (very extensive and easy-to-use), auto-spin and an indicator of your current balance, winnings and the last bet. Bottom right you will also find buttons to control the roulette and bets.

More possibilities in Expert roulette

The game begins when you want to place a bet. Expert Roulette offers a ton of possibilities. Numbers, colors, splits, and even special bets on the red or black dragon (only rarely offered by competitors) + dozens of other specials, whose visualization is always nicely shown also on the game field and in the roulette, so you always know what a particular bet would mean.

Statistics galore

The easy-to-navigate statistics are definitely worth a mention. The right side of the screen, right next to the game field, shows the last 20 winning numbers. Even more information is available after you have pressed the History button; a dream come true for statisticians. Statistics are also displayed graphically, allowing you to quickly visualize the last 250 winning numbers, percentages and the popular HOT and COLD numbers.

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