European Roulette GOLD

European Roulette GOLD

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Microgaming
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Author: Microgaming
Game type: Casino table game
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Win ratio: 97,3%
Other properties of the game: Expert mode - special bets, racetrack, game statistics, favorite bets, autoplay

European Roulette GOLD is a game developed by Microgaming. It's part of their Gold Series, which includes other titles such as European Blackjack Gold, Double Exposure Blackjack Gold and Baccarat Gold. The series is custom-tailored to appeal to and suit players who prefer more sophisticated online casino games.

The first time we came in contact with European Roulette Gold, we had a similar feeling as if we were sitting at a live roulette table. The detailed graphics and visuals immediately immersed us in the game and we only realized how much time we spent at the table after a few hours have passed.

Made for those who prefer the European rules

As the name suggests, the rules of the game are the European ones, meaning that there are 37 numbers of the wheel. Notably, 0 to 36. Compared to the American version which includes a double zero, the RTP for the European version is higher - 97.3%.

Placing bets is very simple. Choose a chip value and place it on an inner or outer bet. The layout is simple and very easy to navigate, facilitating the flow of the game.

Bets can be placed in either Regular or Expert mode. In the first case you’ll be in the classical setup, and the layout will also include the popular “racetrack” with Les Voisins Du Zero, Tiers Du Cylindre a Les Orphelins (see the Termbase).

Expert mode is great

More betting options are available in Expert mode, so if you want to for instance bet on Red Splits, Black Splits or Finales en Plein, you need to switch to Expert mode - then on call bets and choose. One unique property of European Roulette GOLD is that you can arbitrarily choose up to 8 bet layouts. Click on Expert mode and then on edit layout. A screen will appear where you can prepare a layout for your chips. You can have up to 8 such layouts stored at one time, and these can be activated or switched to at any time during the game. We also liked the inclusion of the reBet function, which we ended up using fairly frequently.

The developers also made sure that players don't need to click for each single spin. Expert mode also allows you to use the autoplay function. And it’s only up to you whether the game will stop after enough games have been played or after one of your selected limits has been exceeded. You can even customize the interval between individual spins.

Moreover, if you like statistics, there’s a lot to look forward to here. The top right part of the screen contains an overview of hot and cold numbers. And there’s a % symbol next to the button used to switch between the game modes. This is used to display more detailed statistics about the game - total playing time, higher wins, and percentage results of inner and outer bets.

European Roulette GOLD - available for free

By now we have provided a detailed description of European Roulette GOLD, but you know just as well as us that it’s always best to try it out for yourselves. But if you plan on spending a few euros on roulette, we certainly recommend this version of online roulette. And if you happen to be low on cash right now, you can try out various roulette games for free.

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