Parlay roulette strategy

Parlay roulette strategy

2015-06-29 09:54:36 -

There are sophisticated systems out there that demand real concentration and writing things down – in short, strategies where you have to focus. But we are going to focus on the very opposite of those systems: the Parlay system.

This is a very simple and, well, basically an aggressive system. Parlay depends more on luck than other systems, but it rewards you for that greater risk with bigger winnings. So it’s up to you if you want to use it.

How The Strategy Was Born

The legend says that a player, his name now forgotten, once came to the casino to play roulette. He bet on a color and – suddenly the gorgeous lady croupier caught his eye. By the time his gaze had managed to roam the curves of her perfect body, four games had gone by, and he saw with surprise that he now had several times his original bet.

Because the color he had bet on had come up several times in a row. So he learned that the chance of a series of the same color in roulette is quite high, that is, that the winning option does not change often. But to sum up here, like they, behind all greatness you will find a woman.

The Parlay System Principle

The whole system is actually quite prosaic. In the first game you have to bet your selected sum on an option with 1:1 winnings. That is, on either red/black, even/odd, or high/low. If you win the next bet, then you bet double, that is, your original bet plus your winnings.

The length of the series is up to you, but we recommend quitting after 4 wins. The likelihood that what you are playing will also come a fifth time is very low. There is no need to regret backing out: you now have got 16 times your original bet. After a loss, you need to start again from the beginning with a minimum bet.


Bet Result Amount of winnings
1st bet on black €2 result black - a win + €2
2nd bet on black €4 result black - a win + €4
3rd bet on black €8 result black - a win + €8
4th bet on black €16 result black - a win + €16

Disadvantages of This Strategy

We have already mentioned it. More than in other strategies, you are relying on a random factor (luck, intuition, etc.). That’s why this strategy is risky, and useful only as a supplement to another system.


Aggressive strategies are useful when you are playing in e.g. a roulette tournament. When you have a day where you do not want to keep complex systems in your head, the Parlay strategy is the ideal solution. But it depends on how successful you are at hitting a winning series. When you do succeed, you can make some really nice money. Give it a try.

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