On-line roulette tournaments

On-line roulette tournaments

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It would be pointless to mention that roulette offers the player an innumerable number of bets. It is also very important to remember that the winning odds are the same with the lower as well as higher payout ratios. This enables players to employ a practically endless number of strategies.

What strategies are good for on-line roulette tournaments?

Let´s answer this question by using a small example:

With on-line roulette tournaments you don´t have to decide right away to play aggressively or conservatively. You just need to remember that you should bet evenly across the range of payout ratios - red X bet on number.

Let´s say you now have 1000 chips and you have decided to join one of the on-line roulette tournaments. The first thing you should make clear is how many rounds you are able to play during the on-line tournament time limit. Let´s take 20 rounds for our example. This means that you may bet 50 chips in each round.

The number of possibilities to play these 50 chips is practically endless. But let´s stick to the rule of even bets and so we will bet 40 chips on red and 10 chips on split (payout ratio 17:1).

The win on red will bring only 40 chips, but more frequently. You will not win as often on split, but if you do, you will take in a hefty 170 chips.

Of course you could continue like this for the duration of the tournament, but often it is necessary to choose a bit more aggressive strategy:

  • For example you may move 10 chips from red to split. With a bit of luck you will take in 340 chips.
  • Another option is to bet 30 chips on red, 10 on split and the remaining 10 on a specific number. If everything turns out right, you will take 350 chips.

Only a few players will get to the final round and win the cash prize. You may watch your rank on a clear table throughout the tournament, and when you feel that the prize is slipping out of your hands, remember the following rule: The more you risk, the higher your chance to win is.

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