Paroli system

Paroli system

2015-06-29 08:55:19 - Braňo "Ace"

The Paroli system is another favourite (not only) roulette strategy. It may seem familiar, as it is very similar to the well-known Martingale system. Many people even call it the reverse Martingale or anti-Martingale. The difference between the two strategies lies in the fact that with Paroli you do not increase your bet when you lose but when you win. The means that you bet on positive progression and not negative progression as in Martingale.

If you are a patient player and you can harness your emotions, with this strategy you have a great chance of being successful in the long-term.

Principle of the Paroli strategy

The principle of the Paroli system is very simple. You may bet on whatever you want, what’s important is that the winning odds are 50:50. As opposed to other strategies, you may even change what you bet on during the gaming sequence. This means that if you bet on black in the first round, you can safely bet on an even number in the second round. With Paroli, this has no effect on the system.

At the beginning you bet a specific sum, for example 1 euro on red and if you win, you always double the bet. You should thus bet the entire previous winnings plus your initial bet. If you lose, you start again, betting 1 euro. In the entire sequence you only risk your initial bet from the first round. Your losses should always be compensated by your winnings.

The most important aspect of this strategy is to realize when to stop playing. i.e. to know when your sequence is at end. It is important not to set the point where you start again too high. The golden rule says three times is enough. This means that after every third win you return back to the beginning to bet your initial bet, e.g. €1. Later you can try a sequence of 4 games.

We can explain the strategy using the following table:

First bet Second bet Third bet Result
€1, win €2, loss - €1
€1, loss - €1
€1, win €2, win €4, loss - €1
€1, win €2, loss - €1
€1, loss -€1
€1, win €2, win €4, win + €7

Advantages and drawbacks

The greatest drawback of this system is that to be in credit, you have to complete the whole current sequence. If you fail, you lose your initial bet. And as you can see in the table, it is not always possible to complete the sequence. On the other hand, with a winning sequence you get a good win.


Despite its drawbacks, Paroli is a very popular game strategy. Unfortunately, the human psyche is very powerful and many players can’t leave a good sequence and with the words “just one more game”, they lose their hard won money. If you can do it, you have a great chance of going home with a fatter wallet.

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