The Charlotte Roulette System

The Charlotte Roulette System

2018-05-17 18:56:12 - Braňo "Ace"

Love and roulette

This system dates back to the early 19th century. The name of this well-known system is said to be based on a love story – the author copied it from his future love. He was following her in an American casino and had all the reasons to believe that the lady, who was placing bets on strange numbers in roulette, was playing randomly and hence merely came here to relax. Until a win came and the lady stopped her system. And her name? Well it should come at no surprise that it was “Charlotte”.

Principles of the Charlotte Roulette System

The idea is to keep betting on a single number until it wins. You can choose an arbitrary favorite number or simply choose the number which just won. A number winning twice in a row is considered a relatively frequent phenomenon. Naturally, the probability is always the same (1:37 on European roulette). But the most important part is to remain patient and bet the following number of chips:

  • 2 chips on the first 27 spins
  • 3 chips on the next 10 spins
  • 4 chips on the next 8 spins
  • 5 chips on the next 6 spins
  • 6 chips on the next 6 spins
  • 7 chips on the next 4 spins
  • 8 chips on the next 4 spins
  • 9 chips on the next 4 spins
  • 10 chips on the next 3 spins
  • 11 chips on the next 3 spins
  • 12 chips on the next 3 spins
  • 13 chips on the next 3 spins
  • 14 chips on the next 2 spins
  • 15 chips on the next 2 spins
  • 16 chips on the next 2 spins

If our number wins, then we can end the game and leave or restart the whole system – by starting with a bet of 2 chips during the first 27 spins and so forth.

Results of the Charlotte system in practice

The shown variant of this system requires a total of 506 chips to be available. In practice, the 87 spins guarantee a high probability of getting a winning number. The progression of the bets guarantees that if we do get a win, then we end up with a net profit. However, in case of an unlucky series (meaning that our selected number doesn’t win), we lose up to 506 chips.


The Charlotte system requires an average capital. In this example, we used 506 chips during 87 spins. This is the minimum recommended capital for this system. Using a larger capital increases the stability of the system and also positively affects the probability of a win. When you want to use a smaller capital, we recommend playing at online casinos which allow betting less than 1 EUR on a single spin.

It is also possible to play on a multiwheel roulette, where we can spin several wheels simultaneously; however, these roulettes often have limits and restrictions which quickly prevent the system from being used. Next time, we will introduce a few useful adjustments that can be made to the Charlotte system.

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